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   Starmount Middle Lodge


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  This is the second lodge that you come to when you approach Starmount Lodges. 

  You can fish on all four sides of the lodge but most pegs are on the longer sides of the lodge.

   The water is very deep and is well stocked with fish.

  There are proper fishing platforms of which some have steps for easy access.  

  You can park at the side of the lodge on the road or on the car park provided just past the lodge.

  This water is used for our junior coaching sessions and junior matches through most of the summer months on Tuesdays.

   This water can also be fished on day tickets, which can be purchased on the bank from the bailiffs or at the local tackle shops, which can be found by clicking here - Tackle Shops  

  The main species of fish in this lodge are:- Roach, Perch, Bream, Tench, Rudd, Crucian Carp, Chub, and some large Carp.

  The best baits for this water are:- Maggots, Castors, Pinkies, Sweetcorn and Pellets.

  The best methods tend to be fishing the pole, waggler or ledger.

  The lodge was stocked with 1,000 F1 Carp between 6-7 inches in 2015. 

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