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 Specimen List


    A trophy will be awarded annually to a Senior and Junior member catching the best specimen fish in any of our club waters subject to the following rules:-

        1.    That the fish is caught by rod and line, or pole and by the use of permitted baits employed in a fair and sporting manner.

        2.    That the fish be weighed on any verified scales and the report of it's
               capture to include a signed note from any witness as to the authenticity of it's weight.

        3.    That a photograph be provided if possible, but not a necessity if the above is satisfied.

       4.    The winning specimen weight will be decided on the species of fish and the percentage ratio of the fish weight compared to the current British record for that species.  

       Click Here for the Current British Fish Records.

       5.    The minimum weight for any entry to be as follows:-

                        Common Bream  -    3lbs. 6ozs               
                        Silver Bream        -    1lbs. 2ozs                       
                        Common Carp    -    10lbs. 0ozs                       
                        Crucian Carp      -    1lbs. 2ozs                       
                        Perch                  -    1lbs. 8ozs                       
                        Roach                 -    1lbs. 0ozs
                        Pike                    -    10lbs. 0ozs
                        Tench                 -    2lbs. 8ozs
                        Chub                  -    2lbs. 0ozs

        Senior Specimen Winners

     Junior Specimen Winners


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