Radcliffe Angling Society



      Match Rules

    1. Competitors may request assistance with a landing net from the angler either side of himself, such help to be optional on the angler.

    2. No angler may throw any bait or feed into the water before the all-in is called but may damp their ground bait at their peg. Plumbing the depth is allowed before the all-in, except with a swim feeder.

    3. No member may fish with more than one rod or pole during the contest, but they may have other rods assembled.

    4. No more than two hooks to be in use at any one time.

    5. Obnoxious drugs are barred.

    6. All fish to be returned to the water dead or alive.

    7. Members refusing to withdraw their line for bait inspection on request of an Official shall be disqualified and reported to the Committee.

    8. Competitors exchanging peg numbers after the draw without the authority of the match secretary will be disqualified and reported to the Committee.

    9. No competitor shall fish the match venue on the day of the contest at anytime prior to the match.

    10. All matches will be governed by a match committee and all disputes will be settled by them. Their ruling will be final.

    11. Spinning is barred during a match.

    12. Treble hooks are not allowed.

    13. All fish must be retained in a keep-net except fish too large for the net, these may be weighed forthwith and returned to the water. Fish unable to be kept in a net shall not be weighed.

    14. Game fish and Pike are not allowed, but Minnows and Sticklebacks are allowed.

    15. Weeding is allowed from the draw until the all-in.

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