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         Current British Fish Records


Barbel 21lbs 1ozs   2006 Graham King Adam's Mill, Great Ouse
Bleak   4ozs 9drs 1998 D Flack River Lark
Bream 19lbs 10ozs   2005 James Rust Ferry Lagoon, Cambs
Carp 67lbs 14ozs   2008 Oz Holness Conningbrook, Kent
Crucian Carp 4lbs 9ozs 9drs 2003 M Bowler RMC Fishery, Yateley Lake
Grass Carp 44lbs 8ozs   2006 Phil Kingsbury Horton Church Pool
Chub 9lbs 5ozs   2007 Andy Maker Southern Pit
Dace 1lbs 5ozs 2drs 2002 Simon Ashton River Wear, Durham
Eel 11lbs 2ozs   1978 Steve Terry Kingfisher Lake, Hants
Gudgeon   5ozs   1990 DH Hull River Nadder, Wiltshire
Perch 5lbs 15ozs   2006 Les Brown Sussex Stillwater
Pike 46lbs 13ozs   1992 R Lewis Llandegfedd, Wales
Roach 4lbs 4ozs   2006 Keith Berry NI Stillwater
Rudd 4lbs 10ozs   2001 Simon Parry County Armagh, N.Ireland
Tench 15lbs 3ozs 6drs 2001 Darren Ward Southern Stillwater
Zander 21lbs 5ozs 8drs 2007 James Benfield River Severn


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