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This award is the most prestigious award that any club or association can achieve.

It is similar to the charter mark or kite mark.

It is awarded by SPORT ENGLAND and the National Governing Body for the sport.

We are currently only the eighth angling club in the country to gain this award.

       Reports of the club receiving the award were reported in the local press and

       national angling press.

        To see the reports click the underlined links:- Bury Times or Clubmark

        The award was officially presented to Shaun Miller on behalf of the club at our

       Starmount lodges.  



It not only opens the door for funding but it proves to the whole of the UK. that our society is run at the very peak of good practice and that parents can trust us with their children beyond any doubt.


Compiling a 7 year development plan for RAS including a Constitution, Web Site, Committee, Legal Rep, Welfare Officer, Coaching Saff, Maintenance Staff, Bailiffs, Sports Reps, Delegates to Bury Sports Council, First Aiders, Two Level 2 Coaches, CRB Checks, Competitions, Award Schemes, contact with local schools, liaison with Local Authority, good P.R., Insurance, visiting NGB H.Q., working with the E.A.

All of this had to be proven and documented.

Two club officials had to attend Child Protection, Sports Equity, First Aid, Fisheries Management and Running a Sports Club courses, again all documented.


Walter Bilinkewycz - for the Web Site

Kieran Goldsbrough - for the Legal Representation

Tommy Dargue - the Welfare Officer

The Coaching Staff - Roy Greenwood, Charles Wilson, Gordon Buckley, Kim Crockford, Dennis Crockford,

    Kirk Crockford, Colin Kettle, Henry Bolger, Colin Ashby, Alan Bigg

Julian Taylor-NFA

A good committee

       But mainly two members who are really un-sung heroes, and whose efforts and      

dedication made it all possible - Shaun Miller and Sam Sajewicz.

All of those who contributed in any way deserve applause, well done, RAS is well and truly on the map!

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